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Welcome to the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku Auction, in partnership with Yahoo! Auction. Starting June 25th and running for one month, keep an eye out for some amazing items, including stage outfits and instruments from your favorite stars, signed memorabilia and a stunning Alfa Romeo MiTo! Items will be auctioned for a period of 7 days, in 4 sets, finishing on July 23rd. » FMfT Online Auction

Here are some of our star items:

Signed Goods Set

Tokio Hotel auction item

The members of TOKIO HOTEL kindly joined the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku to present a special message and donate a smashed guitar from their video SCREAM for auction. During their stay in Tokyo, they also brought with them unique goods from Germany which cannot be found in Japan, and signed them all. Now we present two sets of these unique items.

Signed Goods Set

Jay'ed auction item

JAY'ED kindly donates a series of items to the MTV VMAJ Auction for Tohoku, and you can get your hands on this set of signed items simply by bidding. Included in this set are; A large size green JAY'ED t-shirt, signed by the man himself, a FC. JAY'ED Musication scarf, signed, a set of JAY'ED stickers, signed.

Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin auction item

Original print, back-style sweet dress. It uses elasticity to fit to the wearer, while Swarovski crystals are studded and inlayed on the surface.
» Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin auction item

This unique necklace evokes an antique with it's combination of Swarovski and lace. The gorgeous design is placed on a foundation of lace, with a very light finish. It's a perfect accessory for that very special party occasion.
» Michal Negrin

Double PSP

Double auction item

The one and only specially made "Double" version PSP. Takako is kindly donating her own personally-named and decorated version of the computer console.

TAD Pro Speakers

TAD auction item

Presenting the next-generation near field monitor with a uniquely shaped cabinet resulting from our long research into sound performance. TAD Lab., a company determined to achieve sound performance without any compromise, has created the next-generation near field monitor. The TSM-2201-LR Speaker Systems with unprecedented new Σ (sigma) shape cabinet have enhanced the accuracy of the sound production process.http://tad-labs.com/

Monkey Majik
Signed T-shirt

Monkey Majik auction item

The members of Monkey Majik have been heavily involved in activities to held rebuild Tohoku since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and donated this item to the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku, as shown on the night by MCs VERBAL and JJ. The shirt, titled "10 Years & Forever" is signed in silver pen by all four members of the band.

Bryan Adams Group
Keith Scott Guitar

Bryan Adams auction item

This red Paul Reed Smith Guitar (serial number 174699) was used live for one song every night during three years of touring of the Bryan Adams Group in the late 1990s. The damage is from the guitar being thrown in the air at the end of the song. Keith's technicians repaired the damage and noted on the guitar, the city name and year, including Fukuoka, Japan.
» Bryan Adams

Signed Sports Outfit

EXILE auction item

Mega boyband EXILE kindly join the Auction for Tohoku with this donation of a full-signed sports outfit emblazoned with their logos. It features a hooded jacket and comfortable sweat pants, signed in silver by all members of the group. The item was shown off by VERBAL & JJ at the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku on June 25th.

Anna Tsuchiya
Gold Leather Jacket

Anna Tsuchiya auction item

Following her performance at the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku, in which Anna performed and also donated her own personal items to the flea market booths, Anna now offers two very special items for auction. The first is this gold leather jacket from Dolce & Gabbana. Made in Italy and size 26/40, worn on stage during her live tour.
» Anna Tsuchiya

Anna Tsuchiya
Black tassel dress

Anna Tsuchiya auction item

Following her performance at the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku, in which Anna performed and also donated her own personal items to the flea market booths, Anna now offers two very special items for auction. The second is this stunning stage outfit, made by Govil. All in black, it features tassels delicately hung all around the body.
» Anna Tsuchiya

Stage Dress - Red

ICONIQ auction item

ICONIQ kindly joined the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku, in which she ran her own special raffle booth to win her personal items, and made a special appearance on stage to present this very special item. A fabulous red dress with feathers flowing from the waste, it was worn by ICONIQ during her appearances at a-Nation in 2010.

TOKIO HOTEL: Signed Bass Guitar from "Scream" video

Tokio Hotel auction item

A rare and exclusive item, Georg Listing's bass guitar suffered heavy damage during the races video for "Scream", as Listing smashed it against an amp. Now the band have brought it over to Japan and have signed it for one lucky fan!

Signed Jacket

James Blunt auction item

British singer James Blunt has been encouraging his fans to donate via the British Red Cross since the disaster and now offers a jacket for auction, signed "James Blunt loves Japan".

Shirt and Hat from "Brave" CD cover

Noato Inti Raymi auction item

In April 2011 Naoto Inti Raymi released his most recent single, "Brave" featuring him on the cover with a flag that he painted himself. Here he offers his pain-splattered shirt and hat for one lucky fan to cherish.

Album Cover Dress, Signed Photo and CD

Kylie Minogue auction item

In March 2011 Kylie released 'HITS', a Japan-only compilation featuring Kylie wearing a beautiful blue dress on the album cover. Following her Tokyo performances in April 2011, as one of the first foreign artists to visit Japan after the March 11th earthquake, she recorded a song with VERBAL and kindly donates the dress along with a signed photo and signed CD.